11th Anniversary Celebration May 16th

The Power, Passion and Purpose of Women

We’re honoring our 11th Anniversary with a special event at Elemental OM in Montgomery on May 16, 2-4pm. Great networking opportunity!

We’re commemorating our 11th anniversary with a special event. Now, more than ever, it’s crucial for every woman to be honest about her power…her passion…her purpose…and begin walking in that Truth. For as she draws closer to her own center, and increases the density of that place, others will be drawn by the gravitational pull to join her in that sacred space within a woman’s heart which contains the DNA to heal everything.In her powerful book A Woman’s Worth, Marianne Williamson says, “A woman is meant to hold the heart of the world within her hands. She must cater to it and minister to it and kiss it when it cries. When we do not recognize our cosmic function, our own hearts break, and so does the heart of the world.

She continues, “We must take the communion of women very seriously at this time and do all we can in supporting other women in reaching for the stars. There cannot be too many glorious women.”

In this way, this event will naturally serve as a great networking opportunity. Please join us as we support each other in reaching for the stars, connecting on the deepest level and remembering who we are and what we came to do.

Women are powerhouses. Our potential, our cosmic function, has only begun to be understood. In our natural state we are nurturers and givers of life. The power of our prayers cannot be overestimated. And there cannot be too many glorious women.

This event is free and no RSVP is necessary, but please arrive on time because there’s a lot to cover in only 2 hours.

Tara L. Robinson will facilitate and speak at the event on Friday. There will be some time to bond and network as well. Additionally, there’ll be some large group sharing and small group interaction. We don’t know how many will be there since RSVP’s aren’t required…some of the structure will be organic and depend on how many are present.

Choosing Miracles

by Tara L. Robinson

Albert Einstein said “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” Now I can’t say for sure exactly how the universe operates and there are certainly mysteries we may never understand, not to mention it’s very tricky to figure out the dynamics between free will and divine providence. However, what I do know for sure is that life is a lot more fun when I choose to live as though everything is a miracle. When I choose to live life as an adventure my level of enjoyment significantly increases. And since our thoughts and beliefs create our realities, it’s no surprise that miracles and adventurous happenings are regular occurrences in my life, or at least I interpret them as such.

One of my favorite quotes is by Joseph Campbell. He said ‟Anyone standing on a street corner waiting for the light to turn green is waiting to step into the world of heroic deeds and mythic action.” And in one of my favorite books ever, The Way of the Wizard, Deepak Chopra writes, “You cross the street not noticing the sword in the stone standing by the curb. A bus station can turn into the Crystal Cave if you are open to it.”

So the question is, are you open to it? Are you ready to begin living life as an adventure and as if everything is a miracle?

In my last Letter from the Editor (JanFeb ῾14) I chronicled the amazing synchronicities that lined up and resulted in a fated phone call with someone who found hope when he needed it most. In short, I interviewed Dr. Wayne Dyer and then spoke about the question I asked him regarding the Serenity Prayer and his answer to me on Waves of a New Age radio show later that same day. A listener who “just happened” to be “passing through” Cincinnati at that exact time called to say he had been planning his suicide for the past 12 days and had just decided he didn’t want to die after being reminded of the deep message of the Serenity Prayer which says, “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

What has happened since then continues to be a journey of living the miraculous. Before I had written and published my Letter from the Editor telling the story of my experience with divine intervention, I wrote a personal email to Dr. Dyer letting him know what had happened after we had talked. I didn’t receive a response from him, which wasn’t surprising given his very demanding schedule.

But then, we were suddenly flooded with emails from people in all corners of the world asking for copies of Whole Living Journal to be mailed to them and commenting on the amazing story of my conversation with Dr. Dyer. This sudden interest in WLJ and my editor᾿s letter was somewhat perplexing since it seemed to come from out of nowhere when a piece of information dropped into place that explained everything.

I was tagged in a Facebook post that read, “Cincinnati’s very own Tara L. Robinson is featured in Dr. Wayne Dyer’s latest newsletter.” As it turned out, Dr. Dyer hadn’t responded to me personally, but he had re-printed my email to him in his newsletter that was sent to his subscribers around the world! That’s why we were receiving requests and comments from places like Norway, Japan, Australia, South Africa and Germany.

Although I never imagined events would unfold like this, I do imagine my life can feel like a miracle, that it can be an adventure…that anything is possible.

I encourage you to begin looking for the sword in the stone standing by the curb in your own life, and consider stepping off that curb into the world of heroic deeds and mythic action. We’d love to hear from you about your own adventures. Please write to us, comment on our Facebook page, or come in person to Infusion Cincinnati where stories like this are shared every month. I’m going to close with some of the comments we’ve received since there’s not enough space in our Reader Feedback section to feature them there. Much love to all.

“Thank you, Tara. We can see clearly now that before merging into form, we were a part of God, with all the inherent qualities of a Creator who sends forth abundance, creativity, love, peace, joy, and well-being. Each and every one of us represent God or Spirit revealing Itself here on our planet. Remember that your life is bigger than you are, and dedicate your life to something that reflects an awareness of your Divinity. Namaste.” Wayne W. Dyer, Hawaii

“You are blessed with your awareness. So many people see the dots, but fail to connect them!” Robert Voges, Indiana

“Thank you for this magazine that I just discovered. My books that I cherish and I’ve learned so much from are by authors such as, Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Don Miguel Ruiz, and many others. And I’m so thankful that you have articles from some of the authors I’ve mentioned.” Teresa Milaras, South Australia

“Dear Tara and Whole Living Journal, Today I read Dr. Wayne Dyer’s e-mail and your touching words about the radio program that saved one man’s life. Amazing! You have touched people in icy cold Norway too.” Therese Ulvan, Norway

“When reading your editorial and the article on Dr. Dyer’s latest book, I recalled the song entitled ‘I Can See Clearly Now’ written by Johnny Nash and performed in the movie Cool Runnings…‘I can see clearly now the rain is gone.’ – My vision (outer and inner) is no longer obstructed. ‘I can see all obstacles in my way.’ – I notice what’s preventing me from living the life I desire. ‘Gone are the dark clouds…’ – of discouragement, dejection, and despair. ‘Here is the rainbow I’ve been praying for.’ – Reflections of hopes and inspirations. ‘It’s gonna be a bright, bright sunshiny day.’ – DeLightful!” Adele Bell, Cincinnati

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