11th Anniversary Celebration May 16th

The Power, Passion and Purpose of Women

We’re honoring our 11th Anniversary with a special event at Elemental OM in Montgomery on May 16, 2-4pm. Great networking opportunity!

We’re commemorating our 11th anniversary with a special event. Now, more than ever, it’s crucial for every woman to be honest about her power…her passion…her purpose…and begin walking in that Truth. For as she draws closer to her own center, and increases the density of that place, others will be drawn by the gravitational pull to join her in that sacred space within a woman’s heart which contains the DNA to heal everything.In her powerful book A Woman’s Worth, Marianne Williamson says, “A woman is meant to hold the heart of the world within her hands. She must cater to it and minister to it and kiss it when it cries. When we do not recognize our cosmic function, our own hearts break, and so does the heart of the world.

She continues, “We must take the communion of women very seriously at this time and do all we can in supporting other women in reaching for the stars. There cannot be too many glorious women.”

In this way, this event will naturally serve as a great networking opportunity. Please join us as we support each other in reaching for the stars, connecting on the deepest level and remembering who we are and what we came to do.

Women are powerhouses. Our potential, our cosmic function, has only begun to be understood. In our natural state we are nurturers and givers of life. The power of our prayers cannot be overestimated. And there cannot be too many glorious women.

This event is free and no RSVP is necessary, but please arrive on time because there’s a lot to cover in only 2 hours.

Tara L. Robinson will facilitate and speak at the event on Friday. There will be some time to bond and network as well. Additionally, there’ll be some large group sharing and small group interaction. We don’t know how many will be there since RSVP’s aren’t required…some of the structure will be organic and depend on how many are present.