Article Submission Guidelines

Our Mission is to provide a quality magazine that inspires, connects and empowers individuals through articles and resources promoting holistic lifestyle choices, personal growth, spiritual connection, and eco-friendly living.

Each issues contains articles in these areas:
Wellness•Personal Growth•Spiritual Connection•Pet Care•Green Living•Community News
Within these topics, we accept articles that fit the flavor and mission of our publication.

We accept articles that have not previously been published in our region. If accepted, we ask that your article not be submitted to any other publication in our region until the issue containing your article comes off the shelf.

Submissions are evaluated using these criteria:
• Is the topic aligned with our mission?
• Is it timely and informative?
• Does it promote introspection?
• Is it a way for readers to align their actions with their values?
• Does the author demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the topic?
• Is the material well-written and free of brand names and jargon (or include definitions)?
• Does it contain a lead-in and author bio information?
• Is the article, plus bio, 250-500 words? (Inquire before sending longer articles.)
• Does it include a contact name and daytime phone number(s)?

Unsolicited submissions, up to 500 words, are accepted. For longer articles, please query first. If your article is accepted you will be notified, via email, of the issue in
which it will appear.

Submission Deadlines
For Issue: Mar/Apr • May/Jun • Jul/Aug • Sep/Oct • Nov/Dec • Jan/Feb
Due by: ………Jan 10 …. Mar 10 May 10 Jul 10 …..Sep 10 ….Nov 10

Submitting an article
• We only accept article submissions via email
• Attach article as a word document
• Email to
• If possible, include a photo of yourself as an attachment (tiff or jpg – 300 dpi)
• Include your name and daytime phone number(s)

We reserve the right to accept, reject or edit any submission. Significant edits to content will only be printed after final review and approval by the author.